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Pastel Hair Color Ideas

Have you ever wanted to have candy pink hair or lovely violet? This year you have all chances to get desired image because 2014 hair color trends has brought into fashion palette of pale and pastel shades.

pastel hair colors 2014Pastel Hair Colors 2014

Pastel hair color were popular on the catwalk and it has been so many times chosen as conception for designer fashion shows. The popularity of pastel tones grew fast and soon we could see girls wearing jaw dropping hairstyles on the streets. Similar image became a trend and now I am so excited to share my thoughts with you.   Continue reading

Brown Hair Colors 2014

2014 spring/summer hair color trends include palette of warm and vibrant hair colors that will help you to get ready for warmer season.

There are many dazzling hair colors that will glam up your look but I want to show you brown shades for 2014 that will always look trendy be it spring, summer or winter.

Chocolate_Brown_Hair_With_Blonde_HighlightsChocolate Brown Hair Colors

Besides of being so popular and trendy brown hair color has all the advantages. I mean if blonde hair gets yellow after short period of time or red fades after couple of washes, brown hair keeps flawless color for a very long time especially if you have natural dark hair. Next best thing about brown hair color is natural look; it is suitable for virtually all skin tones. It is perfect choice for those who want to upgrade image but still not sure which shade is better.   Continue reading

Blonde Hairstyles; 2014 Summer

Though we are still facing harsh and cold weather we can still dream of hot summer days, beach and sea. In order to have flawless look for coming summer you can think of your new image from this day on.

I have picked the hottest blonde hairstyles for 2014 summer because nothing will make you look so sexual than blonde beach waves.

Beach Blonde Hairstyles 2013Beach Blonde Hairstyles

Summer is surely great; it is all about beach parties but it is not so easy to have flawless look. Sun rays and salt water are main factors that can cause hair color fade quickly. Both colored and natural hair fade and it is very important to take all neccessary steps to keep hair in perfect condition. First thing to be done is to buy hair serum with UV filters. Continue reading

New Highlights for Brown Hair

Brown hair looks cute and natural and it is may be the most frequently chosen shade. The best thing about brown hair color is low maintenance. Unlike rich pigmented and bright tones brown hair color doesn’t need special hair care routine, still it doesn’t mean that you can do nothing but enjoy your beautiful hair color.

red_highlights_in_brown_hair brown hair with red highlights

brown hair & red red hair highlights with brown

One tone hair color is common and quite elegant yet nothing can be compared to multi tonal hair coloring and that’s why this technique is so popular today. The versatility of styles of highlights and color combinations is infinite and this is perfect chance for you to use your creativity. Just imagine your hair is a clear canvas and you can draw with bright colors now. Continue reading

Natural Blonde Hair Colors

Blondes vs brunettes, this silent battle still continues and again we have a whole collection of brand new hair colors to investigate. At this time we will consider several shades of natural blonde color that are going to be trendy this spring. You still have time till spring but you can right now choose the best color for your makeover.

gold-blonde-hair-color 2013 golden-blonde-hair-color

The owners of natural blonde hair enjoy all the benefits of blonde color. Still women more often go for hair bleaching and coloring to get desired fairy blonde locks. I shoud say that it is really dangerous process especially for those who have dry hair. If you do care about your hair and you do not want to damage it you’d better stay away from experiments and turn to pro hair colorist. Continue reading

Highlights Ideas for 2014 Spring

Let’s get ready for spring right now. Spring will bright line of ultra hot and bright colors and it will be such a stupid thing not to use your chance and become the owner of brand new hairstyle. I am sure that you really don’t want to blend in the crowd so let’s finish worthless talks and check out some of the hottest highlights ideas for 2014 spring.


If you are experimenting with multi tonal hair coloring for the firts time you’d better stay away from contrastive shades and simply upgrade your natural color with few highlights. This is the easiest way to breath new life to your tresses. Forthermore, natural hair highlighting where two close tones are combined will make your hair look even more voluminous. This is very important detail for thin fine locks. Ombre hairstyle works in the same way. Continue reading

Blonde & Black Colors

Blondes vs brunettes, which is better? This eternal dilemma will never have a winner and we will continue talking over the topic which one looks more seductive and stylish. But wait, what about combining blonde and black? Have you even thought of it? Let’s find out whether it is worth to combine this two contrastive colors and how this hairstyle can change your image.

Color blocking is the most popular hair coloring trick nowadays and every season hair stylists offer brand new designs of highlights and color combos. When it comes to black and blonde combination designers offer bold and nontraditional styles so forget about subtle and simple styles and get ready to vamp up your look for coming season.

2013 hair color trends edgy hair colors

mutli tonal hair color 2013 hair highlights

Black and blonde color combination looks smashing but only profesional can reach flawless look so do not even think of experimenting with hair bleaching. No matter which style of highlighting you have chosen you should go for bleaching and it is rather dangerous process. If you do care of your tresses you’d better find style where black is dominant. We are not talking about simple thin highlights spread all over hair and we are not talking about chunky highlighting. We consider paneling, dip dying, horizontal highlighting and many other mind blowing designs that will totally change your image.

Continue reading

Futuristic Hair Colors

2014 spring will bring great changes in fashion and hair gurus are ready to represent brand new hairstyles and hair colors that are crazy and fashionable just like fashion is. I checked the latest fashion shows and designer campaigns and I found so many nontraditional and cool hair color ideas and I decided to share my thoughts with you.

2013 runway hair colors

dip dye hair color

dramatic hair color bold dip-dye-hairstyle

All those hairstyles that I have chosen are bold, you can hardly call them simple or boring. Rainbow hair highlighting, pastel tones, rich innovative shades and mind blowing color combos are here to inspire you. If you are brave enough take a look at this futuristic hair colors and I speed dial hairdresser to get the hottest hair color.

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