Hair Colors for 2014 Spring

Let’s get ready for spring at this very moment. Forget about cold winter and let your imagination plunge into new world filled with bright colors and drama. This is spring and we are all ready for it. At least hair gurus are completely ready to meet new season with brand new images and styles and the only way to look fashionable is to get one of the best hairstyles from 2014 spring hair trends. I will show you selection of new hairstyles later, for now I want to show you new hair colors for 2014 spring that will be a starting point for your makeover.

2014 spring colors are very contrastive. Palette of trendy shades include natural and subtle tones as well as quite bold and innovative shades that are meant to break all the rules you have ever known. I will try to show you both trends. Which one to choose is up to you.

Hair color 2013

short haircut in red hair

red hair color 2013

hair colour for 2013

Bright hair color is meant to change your image but you should be a 100 % sure that you can handle such nontraditional image. Will you feel comfortable and confident wearing fiery red, blue, orange, icy blonde, pink or purple hairstyle? If yes then accept my congratulations because you are ready to have the hottest hairstyle of coming season. Still going for dramatic changes is a very serious decision but you can take the things slower and start tranformation with few tinted strands.

What about subtle tones? Well, all basic shades like natural blonde, brunette, natural red and brown are trendy and they will always be. You can upgrade your natural hair color with few highlights that will revitalize your locks.

Red hair

creative hair color 2013

brown hair

blonde hair



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