2014 Hair Highlights Ideas

2014 hair highlights ideas offer you instant makeover for new season so if you are sick and tired of your worn-out locks, get ready for drastic makeover. Hair color has great impact on women’s image and this is the reason why they so often go for color changes. Thanks to vast range of available hues and color combinations you will be able to adopt any unimaginable and bold design so all you need is to be creative and ready for changes.

Bold Hair Highlights 05Bold Hair Color Ideas

Dark Hair Highlights Blonde Hair Color

New season will give you an opportunity to experiment with great variety of hair colors and color combinations and most of the styles are really bold. Block coloring is more suitable for subtle and natural tones, while for more dramatic and modern design you should choose hair highlighting.

Red is still the most popular highlight color that will create both edgy and glamorous look. Depending on the base tone you can choose more natural tones of red or you can go bolder and wear bloody or fiery red shades.

Bold Hair HighlightsHair highlights  02

Rainbow Hair highlightsMulti Tone Hair Color

Stylists have also created numerous designs of multi tone colors that include three and more shades. Rainbow highlighting is more suitable for girls with adventurer side. Multi tone hair coloring will be amazing complement to emo or punk hairstyles. If you are not ready for such drastic makeover you can use semi permanent hair color that will last about 3 weeks and will give you a chance to experiment with various shades without damaging hair.

Hair highlights 01Red Hair highlights

Wearing intense hair color is a bit tricky because rich pigments tend to fade easily. Still, there are many high quality color protective formulas that will help you to wear flawless hair color for a long time. Regular moisturizing is next important thing you should do to have smooth and glossy hair.

Hair highlights 05New Hair highlights

Edgy Hair highlightsModern Hair highlights