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Elegant Black Hairstyles Ideas

Black hairstyles are different because of unique texture of afro hair. Dry and coarse hair requires special hair care and styling options and it is utterly important to know few basic rules in order to maintain black hair.

Thanks great variety of high class styling tools and products black women are now able to adopt any hairstyle be it super sleek or elegant wavy hairstyle. If you also want to break the monotony and experiment with different images, take a look at these elegant black hairstyles and practice your skills to recreate the most beloved one.

Hairstyles for black women

Recently most African American celebs were seen wearing natural tight and fluffy curls. This is great because such natural and youthful hairstyle looks so cute and feminine. Tight curly hairstyle will be suitable for medium and long hair so wear curly hairstyle every time you want to highlight your femininity. In order to have smashing look you can use shine serum for healthy gloss.

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Rihanna Hairstyles Evolution

Rihanna is one of the most beloved pop stars that has become trendsetter with her unique beauty and style. Every single haircut and hairstyle chosen by Rihanna is a smashing style statement. If you want to upgrade your image, you should definitely get inspiration from Rihanna. The versatility of hairstyles that she has ever worn is simply fantastic so you will surely find perfect match for you.

Rihanna long hairstyles

Rihanna just go crazy experimenting with different hairstyles from super long to edgy punk style and Rihanna’s every single haircut immediately becomes trend.

When she stated her career she wore sexy long hairstyle and she looked very elegant. Still, her long hairstyle is not the hottest one to be copied.

Rihanna’s sexy bob hairstyle

Rihanna went for dramatic changes from super long hair to classy bob haircut. From that day on, bob haircut has become salon favorite style and millions of women copied her image every day. Then she transformed her angled bob to asymmetric bob and short bob haircut and this was just the beginning for Rihanna’s beautiful transformation.

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Popular Bob Haircuts

Stylists have already discovered the secret of having attractive and feminine look and now you have unique chance to become real beauty icon with the help of simple trick. These examples of popular bob haircuts will inspire you to have effortlessly chic and sexy look.

Popular Bob Haircuts
Bob Haircuts

Bob haircut has already gained supremacy on other haircuts and now is the most frequently chosen style. Beauty icons from Celebville have already got modern bob haircuts so why not to become beauty trendsetter with brand new haircut.

If you want to have classy and elegant look, wear longer bob and style it sleek. Blunt bang will look irresistible when combined with blunt cut bob so do not miss your chance to stand out with new show-stopping haircut.

Another popular bob haircut that is worth to be copied is layered bob style. It can be soft graduated, choppy layered or asymmetric bob style. Try to choose the one that will emphasize your individuality and lifestyle.

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2014 Medium Hairstyles for Ladies

Give your haircut a sexy upgrade with brand new style for coming season. Medium length haircut is still the most frequently chosen style as it doesn’t require much time for styling and hair care.

Medium Hairstyles for ladies

From the great versatility of 2014 medium haircuts you will easily find the one that will be perfectly suitable for your personality. Whether you want to create elegant and classy style or long for dramatic changes medium haircut will be right choice. Here are some of the most popular medium hairstyles for ladies for your inspiration.

Medium Hairstyles for women

If you want to place the accent on your eyes, you can combine soft layered bob with stylish bang. It can be blunt cut or side swept: your choice will depend on your face shape. Such haircut can be styled both sleek and wavy while the bang should be left straight for polished look.

The greatest advantage of medium length hair is that it can be worn both loose and pulled up. Your midi haircut will furnish you with myriad of styles so never stuck in a same style and change your image on any occasion.

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Glam Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Update your already smashing long haircut with bang style that will place the accent on your eyes and add mysterious allure to your image. Long hair will never go out of the fashion but sometimes it can look dull and boring. You can easily banish the monotony by adding stylish bang to your haircut so do not stuck in one and the same style for a long time and go for instant makeover. Here are some of the hottest ideas of glam long hairstyles with bangs for consideration.

Glam Long Hair with Bangs
Haircuts with bangs

Blunt bang style is may be the most popular one as it will add dramatic and sexy allure to image. Dare to experiment with massive blunt bang or asymmetric bang and style it super sleek for hot look.

Soften your facial features with the help of layered side bang that will be amazing complement to layered long hair. Longer side bang can be worn both sleek and flipped back for flirty look.

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Funky Short Hairstyles for Teens

Once short haircut was considered rather masculine and you can hardly see any girl with short hair. Now, everything has changes and short haircut has become A style for millions of women and girls. Modern hair cutting techniques allows to create zillion short haircuts and each of them is worth to be copied.

Teens more often go for dramatic changes and short haircut can be amazing option to create totally new look. If you also want to have brand new style, take a sneak peek at these pictures of funky short hairstyles for teens and inspire yourself for next hot look.

cute-short-haircuts 2014

Asymmetry is the buzzword of new season so inject some drama to your image with asymmetric short haircut. Choppy layered haircut is another great trick to highlight your strong individuality.

If you want to create cute and glamorous look, you can choose short bob haircut that is oh so popular among celebs.

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